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Adult Day Services

Jackie and Lilly spread the good word about Adult Day Services. Click here to read the story.

Quotes from the Adult Day Services 2016 Caregiver Satisfaction Survey

“I’ve gained “partners” in my caregiving as well as “advisors” for daily care and decisions…


He really lives for going “to work” and it improves his mood and overall desire for life, which really helps home behavior and attitude.


Oakland Centre is the best, I recommend it to everyone. Support group helped me big-time. People and extra clean facility are why Jan goes. Thanks so much, I could not live without it, really.


Knowing that he is stimulated and well cared for is comforting to me; and allows me to do my job without worry.


I feel so much better, relieved knowing my mom loves where she is going, loves what she is doing, making friends, eating well. Also knowing mom is safe in very competent hands…she is brighter, more perky and brags about her “spa” days, her “hair salon” day. She smiles a lot now. Thank you so very much! I also highly appreciate mom is always treated with integrity.