Special Activities

Every day at Adult Day Services is filled with activities that engage our guests and keep them interested in life.

View our Activities Calendar to see this month’s offerings.

A moms’ group and their children brings great joy and laughter to our guests at Oakland Centre.
Hospice Volunteer Randy Walker, guides guests through a group painting that now graces the wall of our activity center.
Klein’s Resort Kitchen Band entertaining our guests and their caregivers.

Fourth graders at Kalamazoo Country Day School met with the guests of Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre to try to understand the challenges of growing older. The students identified four issues and then presented designs for their “Make A Difference” Design Thinking Project.

The following designs will be used by guests at Oakland Centre to increase their ability to participate in activities more independently.

Call It! BINGO: a 3D printed plastic calendar-like flip chart that displays the letter and number for Bingo calls, which is helpful for guests with hearing impairments.

Card Steps: a 3D printed plastic table top holder for playing cards which is helpful for guests who frequently drop cards or cannot hold onto them.

E-Z Beader: a 3D printed plastic tube and attached funnel that holds beading string and captures beads so they don’t roll onto the floor and out of guests’ reach.

Strap-N-Eat: an elastic and fabric band that straps on to the guest’s hand to hold silverware in place, even if the guest lets go or cannot grip the silverware.

We appreciate these outstanding students and their efforts to help our guests.

Adult Day music therapist Josh Keller and our guests sing their version of “Summertime Blues”. Guests who have lost the power of their voices find them again as Josh boosts their voices through an amp. Another one of our guests, a former professional singer, gets to live out the joy of his youth.