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adult day services at Oakland Centre

The Walking Club. Guests at Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre have cumulatively walked almost 374 miles during our Walking Club this past year! That’s 5849 laps around the first floor of our center! The guests at ADS get exercise, friendship and professional care while their caregivers go to work or take a much needed break.

Adult Day Walking Club

Volleyballoon. Often times are guests are reluctant to exercise due to fatigue or chronic pain, but when put in a competitive game situation that reluctance seems to disappear. They laugh and cheer one another on! Volleyballoon is a good multidimensional program that enhances physical and social well being.”


Every Day at Adult Day Services is filled with activities that engage our guests and keep them interested in life. Pictured below is the Klein’s Resort Kitchen Band entertaining our guests and their caregivers.

Fun Times at Oakland Centre